Bart Beasley

Bart Beasley is a professional in the contracting industry.

Bart Beasley

Bart Beasley

Bart Beasley is the owner and operator of Beasley Custom Builders. He started the company as just one man building one home. Today, Bart Beasley is known throughout the Charleston area for his commitment to earning and honoring the trust of his customers.

When he was a child, his mother worked tirelessly at a hospital on the family farm. At a very young age she exposed him to the merits of hardwork, of doing a job right, and it is this work ethic that Bart still carries with him today.

Born and raised on a farm in Northeast Georgia, Bart developed an interest in building tree houses as kid. Growing up on a farm, he was lucky enough to have lots of trees in his yard. Eventually, Bart took his passion for building a step further. In the meantime, Bart’s parents were proud to be able to send him to the prestigious Woodward Academy in metro Atlanta area. Though he wasn’t able to build as much as he wanted, Bart kept up his studies and soon graduated. Bart then returned to public school and enrolled in vocational department classes learning how to lay brick, plumb, paint, and build houses. The summer of 1990, while still in high school, he started work with a framing crew, doing this every summer until he graduated.

Knowing he always wanted to build houses, Bart went straight into construction in Athens, Georgia for six years after graduation. In Athens he had the opportunity of running his own crew. In 2002 Bart moved to Charleston South Carolina, where he went on to work for a production building company as a project manager for four years. Bart went on to build over 400 homes in the Charleston area before leaving to start his own business in 2006.

Beasley Custom Builders- 2219 Ion Ave from Bart Beasley on Vimeo.

At the time (and still today) Charleston was a city with a number of construction opportunities. It helped that Bart had a lot of contacts in the industry from working around the South. Before long, Bart was able to focus on doing custom jobs with his recently founded company Beasley Custom Builders. At first the company focused solely on custom projects, but it eventually opened up to doing more renovation and reconstruction. All the while, Bart was the sole person on site. During the fourth year of Beasley Custom Builders, Bart hired his first employee who had been a friend for of over a decade. All of Bart’s work is now contract, beautiful custom homes. Bart usually takes on three to five projects a year. In order to insure quality, Bart insists on not having more than two projects going at a time.

Bart says the blood, sweat and tears aspect is the best part of his work, seeing a completed home makes him proud. His main goal being the quality of the house, the next goal is customer satisfaction, adding you can’t build a home without the customers trust. These days Bart isn’t swinging hammers, but does find himself on the job sites daily.

Outside of his business, Bart enjoys spending time with his family, sharing his passion for fishing with this children by taking them on trips. Being a big outdoorsman, Bart also enjoys camping, hunting, and of course fishing.